My passion for African fabrics and design

My passion for Africa and its textiles began over twenty yeara ago while I was working and travelling across Africa as a cook for an overland safari company.

Today, as I continue travelling in Africa, I am still learning and discovering new fabrics and African textile traditions.

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Using African fabrics

It's a recurring question. 'I love your African fabrics, but what can a do with them?'

The answer, of course, is, 'Anything you like. Be creative!'

Using African fabrics [1]

Using African fabrics [2]

Magie Relph shopping for hand-dyed Mauritanian cotton at SIAO in Ouagadougou, 2008

Adventure Packs of African fabrics

My popular Adventure Packs are randomly selected bundle of fabrics, all from the same range. They're a great way to taste a variety of African fabrics.

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Amafu hand-dyed fabrics from South Africa

These wonderful hand-dyed fabrics are truly unique. Two ranges available: Hand-dyed screen prints in vibrant colours (pictured) and subtle discharge prints in copper and silver.

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Hand-dyed batik from West Africa

Because these fabrics are hand produced, every piece is unique. The fabric is 100% cotton, either a subtle Damask or plain weave.

The dyers use a variety of techniques - including stamping, stitching and tieing to create their designs. Both chemical dyes and natural Indigo are used.

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Kola nut and Indigo fabrics from The Gambia

These fabrics are hand-printed and dyed using natural dyes. I've had a tremendous time learning how to do this on my trips to The Gambia. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

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Langa Lapu sun prints from South Africa

Langa Lapu means "sun cloth" in the Xhosa language of South Africa. And a bit of African sunshine is just what these colourful prints bring to any textile project. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

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Shwe Shwe fabric from South Africa

A delicate white pattern on a rich Indigo background, this is the famous "Manchester Blue" or "Three Cats" fabric that used to be printed here in England, but now comes from South Africa. I normally stock a few red, brown and gold patterns to complement the blues, as well as plain Indigo. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

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Wax Print fabrics from Ghana

African wax print fabrics are printed using a unique mechanical process developed to imitate handmade Indonesian batik. The technique is now used exclusively to produce African wax print fabrics. Most of my wax prints come from Ghana. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

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African fabrics are our passion - especially African wax print. The story of this unique textile is fascinating. Now, you can read all about it in our new book.

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Safari and Skin Prints

Quality craft prints, perfect for projects with a safari theme. All fabrics are 100% cotton.

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